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Paper Bank

This paper bank is a compilation of otherwise unpublished student papers from students at the law schools at BYU and the University of Utah.
Unpublished work from other writers may be considered or included, as well.
Our oversight over the quality and accuracy of the papers is minimal, but we created the paper bank to serve the bar and public by providing them access to at least a portion of the wealth of student research that is conducted in our state each year by law students. We also hope that law students appreciate the opportunity to have their work made available to the public.

Papers can be submitted (preferably in searchable electronic format, such as Word) by email to By submitting a paper, you are certifying that (1) you are the sole author(s) of the paper, (2) the paper has not been published or accepted for publishing by any other person or entity (or if it has, you maintain the right to have the paper published elsewhere and have met any applicable requirements so as to allow you to have the paper published on this paper bank), (3) your submitting the paper to us (a) does not violate any school or class policies or guidelines, (b) does not infringe or violate any copyright or privacy rights, confidentiality provisions, or otherwise infringe on the rights of any other person or entity, and (c) does not violate any laws.

By submitting a paper you also forever authorize the Utah State Bar and it’s Litigation Section to post the paper and its contents on its website and to use or publicize the paper in any other manner it sees fit. You acknowledge that you will receive nothing, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for submitting the paper to us and allowing us to post and otherwise use it.

If you would like to submit the paper anonymously or would like to have other identifying or other information redacted, you must remove your name and do the redacting. You will still need to provide us your name in the email you send to us. While we are not obligated to do so (and may often forego doing so), we have the right to verify and confirm authorship or other information regarding papers, including by contacting third parties, such as professors, about the work.

The Litigation Section of the bar created this site and reserves the right to remove any paper for any reason or no reason at any time--or to remove the site entirely--without notice of any kind. If you believe any paper should be removed for any reason, you may notify us at the email address provided above.

The views expressed in the papers posted on this website do not reflect the views of the Utah State Bar, its Litigation Section, the Litigation Section's Executive Committee and committee officers, or of any other person or entity tasked or involved with developing, implementing, publicizing, reviewing, running, hosting, or overseeing the website and its contents. By accessing the website, or any information, papers, or other content posted thereon (or by submitting a paper or other content to us through the given address or otherwise), you agree to hold the persons and entities identified in this paragraph harmless for any damages you may suffer in connection with the website, including its contents, its management and oversight.