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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for June 8, 2011

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Litigation Section Executive Committee
Minutes for June 8, 2011
The Executive Committee of the Litigation Section met on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. at the Utah Law & Justice Center in Salt Lake City.

Executive Committee members present or participating by telephone were:

  • Ted Ashcroft
  • George Burbidge
  • Patrick Burt
  • Keith Call
  • David Castleberry
  • Nicole Farrell
  • Ryan Frazier
  • Jon Hafen
  • Kent Holmberg
  • Isaac Paxman
  • Judge Stephen Roth
  • Dan Steele
  • Patrick Tanner

Executive Committee members excused were:

  • Ryan Harris
  • Randall Jeffs
  • Wayne Klein
  • Judge Denise Lindberg
  • Elaina Maragakis
  • Bryan Pattison
  • Emily Smith

Christian Clinger, our honored representative from the Bar Commission, was also present.
Litigation section members Joe Stultz and Chaudhry Ali also attended.

1. Minutes: George Burbidge circulated minutes from the May 11, 2010 meeting and they were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Ryan Frazier circulated copies of the section’s financial report for April. Expenditures exceeded income by $4.87. At that rate we will be out of money in about October, 2083. The report included $100 in revenue where it is unclear how this money was generated. Ryan will look into it. Ryan reported that he sent an inquiry to the Bar about when we get our annual hit but he has not received a response. Christian Clinger said that the Bar takes its share in October, so it has already been taken out for the financial year. Ryan will inquire about what the “Temp Restricted Net Assets –R/E” on our balance sheet means. It appears that we are bringing in more revenue than we are currently spending, however we have some potentially significant expenses coming up. Financial report approved.

3. President’s Report:
a. ADR Academy – Dan Steele reported that we have been approached by the ADR Section to co-sponsor the ADR Academy by contributing $3,000 and allowing them to use our mailing list, in exchange for giving our members a discount on registration for the event. The committee discussed the event and the amount of the requested contribution. Dan will go back to the ADR section and tell them that we are interested in participating, but we need to get more information. Motion made to authorize Dan to meet and discuss and contribute up to $1,500. Motion carried.
b. Mediator List – Patrick Burt spoke with Lynn Davies and Mike Mohrman, and they agreed to allow us to post their list of Utah mediators on our website. Patrick circulated a proposed
disclaimer to include with the list. Motion made to approve the disclaimer and post the list and a link to the court annexed mediator list. Motion seconded and approved.

4. Christian Clinger Movin’ On: Christian Clinger announced that this is his last meeting because his term as the Bar Commissioner assigned to this committee is ending. A moment of stunned silence followed, then heartfelt thanks to Christian for his service.

5. Law Student Relations Committee: Isaac Paxman and Patrick Tanner reported that we have received several topics that raise concerns about whether they should be posted because they appear to be political arguments rather than legal issues. The group decided that some submitted topics should not be posted. Ted Ashcroft reported that he has been in contact with the Law Review editors regarding using our topics for law review articles or other projects. We have received approximately 200 topics.

6. Web Site Committee: Kent Holmberg reported that traffic on our website is down about 25%. Kent asked Lincoln about it and Lincoln said that traffic for the Utah Bar website is down about the same amount. We can have the link on CLE notifications go to our website rather than just the Utah Bar website. Dan Steele admonished all to include this on our CLE notifications. Kent offered to help with this. Dan agreed to email the Litigation Section logo to Kent. Kent also identified a number of ways to increase website traffic.

7. CLE Report:
a. Sothern Utah Federal Law Symposium Golf and CLE – Jon Hafen reported this was great event – about 80 people attended and the quality of the CLE was very high. He believes this will be close to a no-cost event for the section. Dan Steele noted that Jon’s team won the golf tournament.
b. Research on No-Shows at Quarterly Luncheons – Jon Hafen spoke with Megan Facer. We have dozens of no-shows at our quarterly luncheons. We typically have 150 people register and only 115 shows up. The Committee decided to have the Bar order food for fewer people and save some money that way. We will try that and if it doesn’t work, we can take the next step which may include sending the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz out to snatch people and bring them to the meetings they signed up for.
c. CLE subcommittee – did not report. Dan Steele noted that we need to get this subcommittee going on the next event, have it start meeting regularly, and take over the quarterly luncheons.
d. Quarterly Luncheon – Jon Hafen reported that we will have a quarterly lunch in August that he will help put together and then hand off the quarterly luncheon assignment to someone on the CLE subcommittee after that. Details to follow.
e. Fall Forum – Keith Call reported that we are on track. There will be three sessions on the new rules of civil procedure. John Lund will present a breakout session on juries. There will also be a breakout session on cross examining witnesses at trial who have not been deposed. Keith requested suggestions for panelists for this last breakout session..
f. Utah County Golf and CLE – Dan Steele reported that the date for this event has been set, but the location has not yet been finalized.
h. Cache County Golf and CLE – Dan Steele reported that Gary Anderson will help Dan find someone from that area who can serve on the committee and they are working on setting up a CLE.

8. Elections:
a. Elections - Dan Steele reported that he had received nominations for Ryan Frazier as Chair elect, George Burbidge as Treasurer, and David Castleberry as Secretary. No other
nominations were received. A motion was made to elect the aforementioned persons to the positions to which they had been nominated by acclamation was made, seconded and approved. It is hard to compose an epic poem with only that for material. Dan Steele voiced the Committee’s high expectations for the minutes. David Castleberry exuded quiet confidence that he could produce minutes without all the spelling and grammatical errors that we have been suffering with for the last two years.
b. Dan’s Parting Comments – Dan Steele said he very much appreciated serving as chair of the executive committee. He has been on the Utah Bar Litigation Section Executive Committee for about 12 years and might continue serving on the committee as just another member as long as it continues to sponsor golf and CLE events.

Adjourned at 9:08
Next Meeting: August 10, 2011, 8:00 a.m.

For the Executive Committee
George W. Burbidge II, Secretary