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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for January 12, 2011

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Litigation Section Executive Committee
Minutes for January 12, 2011

The Executive Committee of the Litigation Section met on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at

8:00 a.m. at the Utah Law & Justice Center in Salt Lake City.

Executive Committee members present or participating by telephone were:

  • Sammi Anderson
  • Kent Holmberg
  • Isaac Paxman
  • Ted Ashton
  • Wayne Klein
  • Judge Stephen Roth
  • George Burbidge
  • Judge Denise
  • Emily Smith
  • Patrick Burt Lindberg.
  • Dan Steele
  • Keith Call
  • Elaina Maragakis
  • Patrick Tanner
  • David Castleberry
  • Alec McGinn
  • Jon Hafen
  • Seth Oxborrow
  • Christian Klinger, Utah Bar Commissioner, was also present.

Executive Committee members excused were:

  • Nicole Farrell
  • Ryan Harris
  • Bryan Pattison
  • Ryan Frazier
  • Randall Jeffs

1. Minutes: George Burbidge circulated minutes from the December 8, 2010 meeting which were
reviewed and approved as corrected.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Ryan Frazier was unable to attend, but sent an email prior to the meeting
with November financial reports and a description of items he is having difficulty reconciling. He
also reported on the 2010 Golf and CLE events noting that the Cache County and Utah County
events resulted in a combined net loss of $479.86.

3. President’s Report:

a. Welcome Judge Steven Roth – Dan introduced Judge Stephen Roth and welcomed him as a
new member of the executive committee. Judge Roth agreed to serve on the committee and we
are glad to have him.
b. Welcome to Edwin (Ted) Ashton – Dan introduced Ted Ashton and welcomed him as the new
representative from the University of Utah to the executive committee. Ted is a 3L and as
such, will not be at student much longer so we expect him to do a lot of work for the committee

4. Law Student Relations Committee: Patrick Tanner reported on the law student research topic
program. He has taken topics that have been submitted, formatted them and removed identifying
information. The page on the website is almost complete and should be up in a few days with
information for law students who wish to accept research projects. Seth reported that at BYU, the
Dean of Students will send out notifications to students to make them aware the topics are available
for substantive writing topics. The Dean will also send emails to the faculty notifying them about
this so that they can refer students who are looking for research topics to this list. The committee
discussed including disclaimers when the student papers are posted on the website because every
time a group of attorneys get together at least one of them will suggest including disclaimers.

5. Web Site Committee: Kent Holmberg emailed the latest statistics of our website hits to the
committee members yesterday. He reported that we had a dip in the number of hits on the website
in December. He is still working on a drop-down section on our web page that will allow people to
join the Litigation Section immediately. Patrick Burt agreed to follow-up on getting more Post-It
notes with the website address. He will circulate a list of sizes, prices and quantities to the
committee via email if he gets that information before the February meeting.

6. CLE Report:

a. CLE Subcommittee - Elaina reported that due to the holidays she has not been able to organize
a meeting of the CLE subcommittee. She will do this before the end of the month, and she has
prepared a calendar of the events that have already been scheduled. She asked that people who
have CLE topic suggestions forward them to her.

Jon Hafen proposed two CLE events. One could be presented in February called “My Biggest
Case and What I Learned” where senior attorneys report on large cases they have tried and
what they learned about that. Also, “Chat with the Chief” at an upcoming quarterly luncheon.

b. Evening With the Third District – David Castleberry reported that we are on track for this event
which will be held tonight.

c. Spring convention breakout – Patrick Burt reported that Lynn Davies and Mike Mohrman will
do their presentation on mediation. We have two sessions back-to-back that this presentation
will fill. Dan testified that he has seen this program before and it alone is worth going to the
spring convention. Patrick agreed to find out if we will need to reimburse any of their

d. Summer Convention – No report. However, Nicole Farrell sent an email reporting that she is
still in the process of nailing down topics and speakers for the summer convention. She
proposed two ideas, one based on Practical Trial Practices by Greg Sanders and the second
based on Rob Jeffs’ message on providing legal services for the middle class.

7. Government Relations Committee: Jon Hafen said that this has not started gearing up yet.
Wayne reported that this should start soon when the legislative session begins.
8. Other Business:

a. Jury Instructions – Kent Holmberg reported he was asked to contact the jury instructions
committee to see if there was anything we can do to assist them. He has tried contacting the
chair of the jury instruction committee, John Lund, but John is in the midst of a six week trial.
Kent will continue to follow up on this.

b. Adding New Members to the Committee – Dan Steele reported that several people have
inquired about joining the executive committee. He invited discussion about admitting more
members and the criteria for new admitting new members. He wants to make sure that we have
work to do for everyone who becomes a member of the litigation section. Jon Hafen suggested
having a particular date each year were new committee members are admitted and old members
can be cut loose. Dan tabled this issue and proposed that we discuss this issue at the next
meeting when we have a report back from the CLE meeting so that we can see if we have work
for more people to do.

Adjourned at 9:00.
Next Meeting: February 9, 2011, 8:00 a.m.
For the Executive Committee

George W. Burbidge II, Secretary