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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for September 8, 2010

Litigation Section Executive Committee
Minutes for September 8, 2010
The Executive Committee of the Litigation Section met on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at
8:00 a.m. at the Utah Law & Justice Center in Salt Lake City.
Executive Committee members present or participating by telephone were:
• George Burbidge
• David Castleberry
• Kent Holmberg
• Randall Jeffs
• Wayne Klein
• Elaina Maragakis
• Alec McGinn
• Bryan Pattison
• Isaac Paxman
• Dan Steele
• Patrick Tanner
Executive Committee members excused were:
• Sammi Anderson
• Patrick Burt
• Keith Call
• Nicole Farrell
• Ryan Frazier
• Jon Hafen
• Ryan Harris
• Judge Denise
1. Minutes: Minutes of the September 8, 2010 meeting were reviewed and approved.
2. Treasurer’s Report: Ryan Frazier was unable to attend. Dan Steele reported that he reviewed
the financials and found that we came well within budget for the Golf and CLE events and we are
doing well overall in the budget. Dan did not know if the new money from bar renewals has been
deposited in our account or not
3. President’s Report:
a. Bar Training: Dan reported that he attended a section leadership meeting at the Bar a few
weeks earlier.
b. Section Registration: By next month we should know how the increase in our section dues
impacted registration. Dan suggested Ryan Frazier see if the increase in dues has had an
impact in registration.
c. Website: Dan reported that Lincoln has been handling internet issues. If anyone is working on
an event, as soon as we have a date for the event, contact Lincoln, Connie Howard, and/or
Brandon and ask them to post things on our calendar website. We have had situations where
events were on the calendar but did not appear on the upcoming events on the home page. It is
essential to have events posted on the upcoming events on the home page of the website.
Putting it on the calendar doesn’t automatically put it on the front page. Same with postcards
and emails. Get the information to Connie and Megan Facer for getting email and postcards.
d. Request for volunteers: Dan asked for a volunteer from our committee to serve on the summer
convention committee. Nicole Farrell sent an email previously offering to volunteer so she was
appointed to the committee. Dan also asked for a volunteer for the spring convention
committee, noting that we need someone who will fight for two Friday breakout sessions and
we need to fill them with quality events. There were no volunteers at the meeting so Dan will
circulate an email to solicit volunteers.
e. Government Relations Committee: Dan reported that our committee needs to have a
representative on the Government Relations Committee. Wayne Klein noted that according to
our bylaws, the chair elect serves on the government relations committee. Wayne offered to
volunteer for this position if our chair elect, the honorable Jon Hafen, is unwilling or unable to
take upon himself this task on top of all the other things he does for our section. Dan said that
he would talk to Jon and see what Jon wants to do.
f. Nominations for Fall Forum Awards: Dan passed out the link for nominations for Fall Forum
awards and encouraged members to make nominations. Dan said that he did not think that we
as a section should make nominations and the other members of the Executive Committee
quickly agreed.
g. Foreign Depositions CLE: Dan reported that he had been contacted about co-sponsoring a CLE
with the International Law Section on taking foreign depositions. After discussion, the
committee agreed to participate by allowing the International Law Section to use our
membership list and our section will cover some of the cost of our members who attend. This
event is scheduled for October 22, 2010 at noon.
h. Statistical Research CLE: Dan reported that he had been contacted about our section cosponsoring
a CLE Statistical Research Course. Cicero Group has offered to put on the
presentation and cover the cost. However, the Bar is concerned because of the apparent
business development component of the presentation for the Cicero Group. The committee
discussed whether our section should participate in this CLE or not. Dan agreed to investigate
this further, including verifying that it would qualify for CLE credit, find out what cosponsoring
this event would entail, and come up with a date.
i. BYU Ethics Symposium: Dan read an email from Jon Hafen inquiring about whether our
Section will co-sponsor the BYU Ethics Symposium again this year. After short discussion a
motion that we co-sponsor this event again this year was made, seconded and approved.
j. Quarterly Lunch: Jon Hafen reported through Dan that our quarterly lunch meeting will be on
September 28th. Fran Wikstrom, chair of the Civil Procedure Committee, will present on
proposed dramatic changes to the discovery rules.
k. December Quarterly Lunch: Jon also wrote that he is looking at dates for the last 2010
quarterly lunch in mid-December. It will be on what civil litigators can learn from the criminal
l. Fall Forum: Jon reported that we have our litigation track completed for Fall Forum, with the
highlight being a deposition “boot camp” that will cover three hours. We have an all-star cast
of lawyers and Judges presenting. It should be very good.
m. Evening with the Third District Judges: Dan suggested that our section hold this event again
this year in January. We will have a mingle at the beginning with dinner then CLE. Dan asked
for volunteers to chair this event. George Burbidge and David Castleberry volunteered. Dan
noted that Judges Iwosaki, Roth and Atherton did it last time. He suggested that we contact
presiding judge and ask him to identify three judges who have been on the bench long enough
to have perspective with comment and advice. Each judge should have a presentation and then
have questions and answers with a moderator. We need to get a date and coordinate with
Connie Howard. Dan also suggested we try to get judges from West Valley and South Jordan.
With that, Dan concluded his agenda items. The short agenda item was small indication of how much
work Dan did for our Section. One has to wonder how he finds time for his day-job.
4. Law Student Relations Committee: Isaac Paxman reported that the most recent edition of the bar
journal has a call for research topics. Isaac has received about a dozen research topics, but Isaac
wants more, more, more, before we roll it out. Isaac asked that we solicit topics at CLE events and
said that he plans to send a mass mailing in October to solicit topics. Dan suggested we send out
another mass emailing soon. We will see what response we get from the article in the Bar journal
then possibly follow up with another mass email.
Wayne Klein suggested we get student participants from each of the law schools for our committee as
we have had in the past. As expected, this suggestion by our dear former chair was warmly
received by the Committee. Isaac agreed to make contact with the law schools to recruit a student
committee member from each of the schools.
5. Web Site Committee: Kent Holmberg said that he had nothing new to report. He will send out an
updated website report later today which will show the amount of traffic on our website. He
reported that the website should be current.
6. CLE Report:
a. Cache/Utah County Golf and CLE Events: Having caught his breath after his prior report, Dan
noted that this Friday is the Cache County event. Numbers are down from last year, but we are
still working on increasing registration. We have enough registrants to make it worth while and
the last week is usually the best for registration. The following Friday is the Utah County
event. Registration for this event was very high from the beginning. Dan said that Keith has
done a dynamite job getting those events put together. Dan encouraged committee members to
attend these events.
b. CLE Sponsors: Dan said that he was contacted by a constable service with a request to sponsor
something. The constable service will sponsoring the breakfast at the Cache County and Utah
County Golf and CLE events. Dan suggested that when we put on events we should see if we
can get sponsors to defray some of the cost.
c. Salt Lake Golf and CLE: Dan said that Connie suggested our section sponsor a Salt Lake
County Golf and CLE event. Wayne Klein noted that the Salt Lake County Bar does a Golf
and CLE event. We will consider doing this next year.
d. St. George Golf and CLE: Dan proposed our section putting on a golf and CLE event in St.
George, noting that our section did this for many years until last year when it conflicted with
the FBA event that we co-sponsored. Bryan Pattison agreed to work on setting up this event
next year.
Adjourned at 8:50.
Next Meeting: October 13, 2010.
For the Executive Committee
_ ___________________
George W. Burbidge II, Secretary