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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March 12, 2008

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The Executive Committee of the Litigation Section met on Wednesday, March 12, 2008, at 8:00 a.m. at the Utah Law & Justice Center in Salt Lake City.
Executive Committee members present or participating by telephone were:

  • Sammi Anderson
  • Keith Call
  • Lee Curtis
  • Ryan Frazier
  • Jonathan Hafen
  • Ryan Harris
  • Wayne Klein
  • Stephen Owens
  • Bryan Pattison
  • Isaac Paxman
  • Mike Petrogeorge
  • Tish Toombs (ex officio law school rep for U of U)

Executive Committee members excused were:

  • Elaina Maragakis
  • R. Willis Orton
  • Dan Steele

1. Minutes. The minutes of the February 2008 meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved.

2. Financial and Budget Report. Mike Petrogeorge reported that the balance sheet shows that the Section has approximately $60,000. Further, he reported that he and Dan Steele had been in contact with Jeff Einfeldt. The Committee should be able to get more of a detailed breakdown on the administrative side. The Bar should be able to provide the Committee backup information regarding particular expenditure line items.

3. Presentation by Utah Bar President-Elect Candidates. The Litigation Section Executive Committee asked the two Utah Bar President-Elect candidates, Stephen Owens and Scott Sabey, to make presentations at the Committee meeting. Stephen Owens took a few minutes first. He discussed his service to the Bar and the legal profession. He also discussed some of his goals if he were elected president-elect. Scott Sabey followed with a presentation of his own. He discussed his experience and service to the Bar and the legal profession. He also set forth his goals if he were elected president-elect.

4. Discussion with Bar on Essentials of Trial Seminar. Connie Howard of the Utah Bar asked to take a few minutes during the meeting to discuss why the Section’s $3,000 contribution was rejected. Ms. Howard explained that she believed that this issue arose largely as the result of a mis-communication between her and the Committee. She explained that the Bar needed to collect $25 per head on this CLE and explained that the $3,000 contribution was insufficient. Connie also explained that CLE is a service section of the bar and not a mandatory portion of the bar. Although CLE can generate revenue it also costs a lot of money. Mike Petrogeorge pointed out that there were no strings attached to the $3,000.

5. Upcoming CLE Events.

a. Spring Convention. It was reported that our portion of the spring convention is set and ready to go.

b. Annual Convention. Sammi Anderson reported that the annual convention is also set. She reported that Steve Woznick would be the keynote speaker. She also explained that Judge Himonas would have a breakout session focused on MUJI. He would like to discuss jury instructions for both criminal and civil actions. The section decided that would be appropriate. The MUJI presentation will take two-hours on Thursday morning. The Litigation Section is also sponsoring a one-hour presentation by Lynn Davies on mediation on Saturday.

c. Quarterly Luncheon. Mike Petrogeorge reported that the last quarterly luncheon was a success. Jonathan Hafen explained that he is in the process for determining dates for the next Quarterly Luncheon. He is currently considering late May or early June.

d. Fall Forum. Sammi Anderson reported that she attended the first Fall Forum committee meeting. She stated that the Litigation Section was given an entire track of five breakout sessions. The Committee discussed possible topics including client intake, developing a case theory, and staffing a case. Sammi further reported that the ADR and paralegal sections were also interested in helping. There was some discussion about using a Dr. Kelly Lundberg, whose expertise is in motivating witnesses and clients to tell the truth.

6. Law Day Letter. Sammi Anderson reported that the Law Day Letter contribution was rejected.

7. Supporting State Court Judges. This issue was tabled.

8. Mike Powers Litigation Topic CLE. Tish Toombs and Mike Petrogeorge led a discussion regarding attempts to have a law student present a CLE on a litigation topic. Mike Powers’ Securities Litigation topic has been selected for presentation. The Committee felt that this presentation would be a good test case for this genre of CLE presentations. The Committee decided that it would be best to do the presentation at the law school involve encourage law students to participate in the future.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 9:00 a.m. The next meeting will be held on April 9, 2008.

Dated this ___ day of April, 2008.

For the Executive Committee

Ryan B. Frazier