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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for June 9, 2010

Litigation Section Executive Committee
Minutes for June 9, 2010
The Executive Committee of the Litigation Section met on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 8:00
a.m. at the Utah Law & Justice Center in Salt Lake City.
Executive Committee members present or participating by telephone were:
• Sammi Anderson
• George Burbidge
• Patrick Burt
• Keith Call
• Nicole Farrell
• Ryan Frazier
• Jon Hafen
• Kent Holmberg
• Isaac Paxman
• Emily Smith
• Dan Steele
Executive Committee members excused were:
• David Castleberry
• Ryan Harris
• Wane Klein
• Judge Denise
• Elaina Maragakis
• Bryan Pattison
• Patrick Tanner
Christian Clinger, Bar Commissioner, was excused.
1. Welcome: Dan Steele welcomed those diligent souls who showed up to the meeting on time.
2. Minutes: Minutes of the May 12, 2010 meeting were reviewed and approved.
3. Treasurer’s Report: Ryan Frazier provided financial reports for the Section for April, 2010. He
reported that he investigated a prior unexplained charge from two combined golf and CLE events
on our accounts and found that there was an $800 expense for copies that had been charged to our
account in error and corrected. Otherwise, there was not much change in the April financials.
4. CLE Report:
a. Dan Steele reported that the combined Federal Bar Association/Southern Utah Bar golf and
CLE event that our section co-sponsored was a great success. The only criticism was that
directions to the facility were unclear. The facility was perfect for the event. Several
judges attended, including an immigration judge. The golf tournament went well. Overall
attendance was decent. The week before the event there were only four registrants but
registration spiked the week of the event and 45-50 people attended. Dan thinks this will
become an annual event at this time of the year.
b. Patrick Burt reported that the “Chat with the Chief” was a great event. There was a full
room for the CLE and Justice Durham was interesting, as expected.
5. Election of Officers: Sammi Anderson conducted the election of new officers.
a. Nominations for Chair Elect - George Burbidge, Ryan Frazier and Jon Hafen were
nominated. The assembled group heard statements from each of the candidates. George
was first and gave by far the weakest stump speech anyone present had heard for a long
time belying a reluctance to take on such an exalted position when two far more deserving
candidates were generously offering their time, talent and energy to boldly lead the
Litigation Section into the future! Ryan then spoke eloquently, painting a picture of the
Litigation Section, under his leadership, building on prior successes to meet the challenges
– foreseen and unknown – with the vision and resolve needed to achieve the greatness that
is within our grasp. All were silent, stunned to find that there was such a prophetic
visionary among us. The decision as to who would be our future leader seemed so obvious
until Jon was invited to make a statement and all eyes turned toward him. All thoughts of
an easy decision perished as Jon rose to the occasion, passionately revealing his inspired
plan to make the litigation section fulfill, not just its potential, but its divine destiny.
Slowly the ballots circulated the table, each mind carefully pondering which one of these
two deserving titans would receive their vote – George having been dismissed as a serious
candidate before he even finished speaking. At last the votes were collected and counted.
The cruel verdict – a tie! In a bold move, Ryan Frasier suggested the outcome be decided
by the toss of a coin. Gamely, Jon Hafen agreed. No breath was taken from the time the
coin began its revolutions through the air until it had chosen the victor. The day belonged
to Jon Hafen, the new chair-elect of the Litigation Section.
b. Nominations for Treasurer - Patrick Tanner and Ryan Frasier were nominated. Ryan
Frasier graciously agreed to continue at the post in which he has valiantly served lo, this
last year and was unanimously elected Treasurer!
c. Nominations for Secretary - Isaac Paxman and George Burbidge were nominated. Isaac
Paxman withdrew his nomination, likely in an effort to avoid hearing another bland
candidacy statement from George. The strategy worked! George remained silent and was
unanimously elected secretary thereby ensuring the minutes for the next year will be riddled
with typos, errors and omissions, but a good read nonetheless!
6. Report on Court Volunteer Program: Nicole Farrell reported that 13 people have applied for this
program. Only one person has been placed at this time due to difficulties finding the right fit and
difficulties contacting applicants. Nicole and Wayne Klein will try contacting volunteers to see if
they can find a good fit.
7. Law Student Relations Committee: Isaac Paxman reported his plan to get an article in the fall
Utah Bar Journal soliciting more topics then he will roll the program out in the fall so that law
students can access the research issues practitioners have suggested.
8. Web Site Committee: Kent Holmberg reported that the Section’s web site has been updated.
Minutes have been posted. Traffic is about 1,000 visits per month and seems to be holding steady.
Isaac Paxman asked for a tab on the home page for law research topics. Patrick Burt has taken the
lead on contacting potential advertisers. Dan Steele suggested we contact the vendors who will
attend the annual meeting to see if they want to advertise on the web site. Dan suggested we
network with court reporters, experts and others who we use in our legal practice to see if they
want to advertise on our site. Patrick offered to send the committee a summary of the pricing for
advertising on the website.
Adjourned at 8:47.
Next Meeting: August 11, 2010.
Approved August 11, 2010.
For the Executive Committee
_/s/ ___________________
George W. Burbidge II, Secretary