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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for April 8, 2009

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The Executive Committee of the Litigation Section met on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 8:00 a.m. at the Utah Law & Justice Center in Salt Lake City.

Executive Committee members present or participating by telephone were:

  • Gary Anderson
  • Sammie Anderson
  • George Burbidge
  • Christian W. Clinger
  • Ryan B. Frazier
  • Kent Holberg
  • Wayne Klein
  • Judge Denise Lindberg
  • Brian Pattison
  • Isaac Paxman
  • Michael Petrogeorge
  • Dan Steele
  • Patrick Tanner
  • Ryan Wright (U of U Rep.)

Executive Committee members excused were:

  • Keith Call
  • Jonathan Hafen
  • Elaina Maragakis

1. Minutes. The minutes of the March 11, 2009 meeting were reviewed and approved.

2. Financial Report. Dan Steele reported that over the last month the Section has spent
little money. The Section spent only $127 in February, which was primarily for the Litigation
Section Executive Committee Meeting. He reported also that the Bar is providing the requested
detail. Wayne Klein reported that the Section had a reversal in charges of approximately $700.
Sammi Anderson reported that the Bar will reverse another charge in connection with the
Constitutional Law Section’s CLE presentation on Federalism.

3. Budget. Wayne Klein reported that he plans to present a proposed budget at the May
2009 meeting. He recommended that it be discussed and reviewed during the May meeting and
voted on during the June 2009 meeting.

4. Website. Dan Steele reported that the website subcommittee will meet on April 9th for a
final review of the proposed website before going online. Only a few issues remain before it can
be made public. Dan Steele also reported that the Section should always obtain approval from
presenters before posting their written materials on the website.

5. Upcoming Elections. Wayne Klein suggested that interested candidates should submit
their names to Sammi Anderson in anticipation of the elections to be held at the Annual Meeting.

6. Constitution Law CLE. Sammi Anderson reported that the Constitutional Law
Section has requested that the Litigation Section assist with the Constitutional Law Section’s
CLE coming up on April 28th by mailing advertisements to Litigation Section Members. The
Executive Committee approved the mailing.

7. Spring Convention. The Committee decided to cover half of Judge Hatfield’s hotel bill, which is approximately $250.

8. Last Quarterly Luncheon. Sammi Anderson reported that the last quarterly luncheon was well-attended in that there were about 115 participants.

9. Fall Forum. Jonathan Hafen agreed to be the Litigation Section’s liaison to the Fall Forum Committee.

10. Credit Card Issue. Sammi Anderson reported that the Utah State Bar will no longer
accept credit cards as payment for CLE luncheons. Christian Clinger added that the Bar
Commission decided to take this action because it was trying to save money in any way it could.
The Executive Committee asked Christian Clinger to ask the Bar if there was a way for members
of the Bar to pay the credit card fees themselves so that the Bar does not have to pay that

11. Annual Convention. Ryan Frazier reported that the Annual Convention is ready to go.
The Litigation Section will be in charge of two breakouts. Each breakout will feature a panel
discussion. The first panel will discuss changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure. The second
panel will focus on the role of economics in litigation. The Section also will have a booth at the
Annual Convention that will present the new website. Section members will need to assist with
staffing the booth.

12. Next Quarterly Luncheon. Sammi Anderson reported that the next quarterly luncheon
will be on the State of the Judiciary, which will be presented by Chief Justice Christine Durham.
This is likely to be set for May. We have an extra quarterly luncheon this year that will focus on
the Litigation Section’s new website.

13. Supporting State Court Judges. A subcommittee of the Litigation Section Executive
Committee is going to meet with Chief Justice Durham to discuss the ways in which the
Litigation Section of the Bar can support state court judges. Sammi Anderson asked Judge
Lindberg to attend to provide a view from the trial court level. Christian Clinger encouraged
section members to get to know state legislators in a effort to have input on ways to support state
court judges with the legislature.

14. Golf and CLE. The Golf and CLE program was discussed on ways to make it less
expensive for the Section. Dan Steele proposed cutting out lunch and not subsidizing green fees. Gary Anderson reported that he has a tentative date of August 21, 2009, booked for the Cache
County Golf and CLE event.

15. Bench Books. There are not many changes made to the Bench Books. It was suggested
that Judge Lindberg might be able encourage those with whom she works at the Court to submit
their bench books.

16. Municipal Court Judges. Michael Petrogeorge reported that this is an issue that should be
discussed with Justice Durham. There is a concern that municipal court judges are not lawyers,
but that they are dispensing justice. Christian Clinger suggested that Justice Nehring weigh in on
the subject.

17. Collaborative Effort between Law Students and Practitioners. Isaac Paxman
reported that a subcommittee has been formed to work on putting together a program for a
collaborative effort between law students and practitioners. Isaac reported that the subcommittee
members have been involved in meetings and email exchanges. There was a discussion as to
whether this should be limited to litigation topics or whether it could be much broader than that.
Issac Paxman reported that he would continue working with the subcommittee to get this put

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:20 a.m.  The next meeting will be held on May 13, 2009, at 8:00 a.m.

Dated this ___ day of May, 2009.

For the Executive Committee

Ryan B. Frazier