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Past CLE Events


Past CLE Events

Quarterly Luncheon
December 7, 2015

On December 7, approximately 160 people attended our Fourth Quarter Luncheon, discussingthe“Latest changes to the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure.” Judges Toomey, Anderson, and Blanch answeredquestions about the changes that have taken effect recently, what attorneys should watch for, traps to avoid, and other important points related to those changes. The judges, who are members of the Utah Supreme Court Advisory Committee on the Rules of Civil Procedure, also discussed further Rule changes that are now being considered. Rod Andreason, Chair-Elect of the Litigation Section and member of the Advisory Committee, moderated the event. The luncheon and discussion was excellent and informative. We are grateful to Judges Toomey, Anderson, and Blanch for their service, and especially donating their time to prepare for and answer questions to the Bar about this crucial topic. We are also grateful to Louise York, Amy Faust, and the rest of the federal court staff for helping make this event possible.

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