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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March 13, 2013

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The executive committee members who were present were: George Burbidge, David
Castleberry, Heather Thuet, Judge Toomey, Judge Roth, Jonathan Hafen, Keith Call, Heather Sneddon,
Michael Stahler, Jenifer Tomchak, Isaac Paxman and Rod Andreason. Nichole Farrell, Christian Kesselring, and Kent Holmberg appeared by phone.

The Executive Committee members who were excused were: Ryan Frazier, Randall Jeffs, Patrick
Burt, and Dan Steele.

1. Secretary's Report: Minutes from the February meeting were presented by Heather Thuet.
Following clarifications from J. Toomey that funding has been withdrawn for the Guardian ad
Litem in district courts not juvenile courts, the minutes were unanimously approved.

2. Treasurer's report: David Castleberry reports that, overall, the section is doing well and within
budget. The cost of the Fall Forum, however, exceeded the budgeted amount due to
unforeseen copy costs.

3. CLE

a. Quarterly Lunches: Tabled until April meeting.

b. Rise & Shine

i. 2013 Q1: Heather Thuet reports that the February 21, 2013 Rise & Shine on Efiling
in State Court with Debra Moore was a success. The event was very well
attended with 92 attendees and was either revenue neutral or even generated
some revenue for the section.
ii. 2013 Q2: Michael Stahler: Crafting Effective Written Discovery Under the New
Rules will be held on April 24, 2013. Panel will consist of Judge Stone, Tristan
Smith. Michael is still looking for a plaintiff attorney to join the panel and will
ask Michael Worel.
iii. 2013 Q3: (Date TBD). Alec McQuinn who had been assigned to Q3 has
withdrawn from executive committee. Isaac Paxman is currently assigned to
2014 Q1 Rise & Shine but is willing to move up to Q3 provided his presenters
are available. He will confirm and report back in April. Topic: Farewell Judge J.
Thomas Greene & Welcome Judge Robert J. Shelby.

c. GAL: Keith Call advises that Craig M. Bunnell has confirmed, but he has yet to
determine the date, but anticipates the event will occur in mid-April.

d. Modest Means: Jen Tomchak explains that the Modest Means kick off event will be
April 11 from 3-7 pm and is free to those who agree to join the modest means panel or
become an advisor and $250 for everyone else. Jen explains that the target audience is
younger lawyers that are unemployed or underemployed who will be connected with
clients who fit the modest means criteria. The agenda will be split into 3 hours, the 3-4
pm time block, Fundamentals of Utah Court Practice; 4-5 pm Family Law; 5- 5:30 pm
dinner break; 5:30-6:30 Ethics & Professionalism; 6:30-7:30 Case Management Tactics.
Section is sponsoring the Fundamentals of Utah Court Practice. Keith Call recommends
that section is great resource for qualified speakers. George Burbidge, Jon Hafen and
Keith Call volunteer to present. Modest Means Committee had planned to order pizza but is requesting section sponsor food for event but has not requested a specific amount. A discussion was held about likely costs. David Castleberry offered the average cost per attendee is $16 for Rise& Shine and $22 for Quarterly Lunches as framework to establish a budget. 50 attendees are anticipated. Accordingly, Judge Toomey made motion that section sponsor $1,500 budget to go towards food for Modest Means CLE, seconded by Jen Tomchak. Motion was unanimously approved.

e. Golf & CLE: Dan Steele not present and so topic tabled until March meeting.

f. Spring Convention: Christian Kesselring reports that it starts tomorrow night, March 14-16, 2013. Section's break outs are: New Rules Judicial Panel; E-Discovery and New Rules; E-Filing. He expects expenses to section will be minimal as speakers travel expenses are already in town or covering their own expenses.

g. Southern Utah Federal Law Symposium: May 9-11, 2013. Jon Hafen reports that section sponsors this annual event and it covers the cost of the postcard. Nine federal judges are presenting with key note by Judge Tom Griffith from D.C. Circuit and Shaun Carver presenting ethics along with an evening judicial reception.

h. Trial Academy: May 16 - 17, 2013. Jon Hafen commends Michael Stahler for his assistance in putting the trial academy together. The event will either be held at the Law & Justice Center or the University of Utah law school.

i. Thursday: Day one is Nita hands on style "beginning" course. Maximum enrollment will be 48 (8 groups of 6). Jon explains they have 12 or 13 presenters but need 16. Jon encouraged additional Section members to volunteer for day one and particularly female practitioners with trial experience. Michael explained that the morning will be theory and the afternoon will be practice. A training event for instructors will be held on April 22. A networking event will be held on the evening of May 16 and the section members are encouraged to participate.

ii. Friday: Day two is lecture based with attendance capped at 125 attendees (no cap if program is held at the law school).

iii. Michael reports that Modern Trial Advocacy book is currently being offered at $75, which is a discount. The NITA material is $25. The trial academy committee is trying to negotiate a reduced price. In response to Judge Toomey's suggestion that Modern Trial Advocacy book be available to participants, Jon Hafen explained that the cost to attendees will include NITA and Modern Trial Advocacy book, but there will be an option to opt out of purchasing the Modern Trial Advocacy book. He anticipates the cost to attend will be $200. The $4,500 that section has been budgeted for event will cover costs of written material (NITA material, Modern Trial Advocacy, local articles),
lunches, and reception.

iv. Attendees will be required to prepare in advance so as to optimize the educational experience and Jon explained that the committee is contemplating sending out notices of hearings.

v. Michael Stahler has prepared a write up to promote the event for the upcoming newsletter. He will also be sending out email blast to section. Jon Hafen will prepare the email announcement.
vi. At the recommendation of George Haley, Jon Hafen inquires whether section would be interested in offering scholarship to public interest lawyers to attend for fee and will look at the budget. Judge Roth inquires whether section could get sponsors for scholarships and Jon Hafen will explore.

vii. Michael Stahler requests that section appropriate $1,000 budget for digital
camera. Jon Hafen explained that purchase would enable section to record
section's CLE events and then post on website which would be a fantastic library
of content. Isaac Paxman supports purchase of camera as it is a minimal
expense, costing less than a luncheon. Judge Roth inquired whether video could
be offered for video CLE credit and suggests purchasing a tripod as well. A
discussion was tabled about logistics of doing so.
viii. Christian Kesselring made motion for section to purchase digital camera and
tripod with $1,500 budget, seconded by Judge Toomey. Motion approved
ix. Michael encouraged volunteers to act as judges, team leaders and witnesses.
Judge Toomey recommends theater department be contacted for volunteers.
Michael will send email.
i. Summer Convention: Jon Hafen reports summer convention will be held July 17-20,
2013 and is all set and will be great.
j. Fall Forum (November 14-15, 2013): Jon Hafen reports that next planning meeting is
next week and will report with concepts at April meeting.
k. Fourth District Judicial Reception: Isaac Paxman announced second annual evening
with Fourth District was great event. His grandfather presented a historical viewpoint.
There were 40 in attendance (approximately half of the previous year). Isaac suspects
that 2013 lower attendance may be explained because a postcard was not sent.

4. UDR Request: Christian Kesselring describes the UDR organization and its request for $3,000
donation. He explains that while this is a great organization, the section's budget line item for charitable contributions for 2013 year has already been spent. Keith Call moved to decline request. Motion seconded by Isaac Paxman. The committee voted in favor of declining UDRís

5. Membership: Michael Stahler reports that Section continues to recruit new members at Section sponsored CLE's. Megan Facer at the bar has been instrumental in identifying potential new members at CLE events.

6. Law Student Relations Committee: Isaac has served as the chair of the committee the past seven years and is requesting section appoint new chair to the committee. George Burbidge recommended that this position will be opened up for election at the annual meeting.

7. Proposal for Joint Sponsor with YLD with State Court Judges: Jen Tomchak explained that the YLD was proposing joint sponsorship of brown bag CLE with state court judges in chambers similar to FBA. While YLD had suggested that event be monthly and participants bring own lunch, Jen suggests that monthly may be too ambitious and recommended every other month with a box lunch made available for purchase for those in attendance. YLD is not looking for funding. Discussion held concerning food in the courtrooms. J. Toomey explained that it is not uncommon for retirement parties to be held in courtrooms but that it would be dependent upon judge's discretion to permit. J. Roth joined in J. Toomey's comments. Jen Tomchak will advise YLD that section is interested in cosponsoring event.

Motion made by Michael Stahler to adjourn, seconded by Rod Andreason.
Meeting adjourned at 9:10 am.
Meeting minutes approved April 10, 2013.
For the Executive Committee

/s/ Heather L. Thuet