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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March 14, 2012

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Litigation Section Committee Minutes
March 14, 2012

The Executive Committee members who were present or participating by telephone were: Brad Masters, Seth Oxborrow, Kent Holmberg, Elaina Maragakis, Patrick Burt, Jen Tomchak, Nicole Farrell, Sammi Anderson, Ryan Frazier, George Burbidge, Jon Hafen, Joe Stultz, Dan Steele, Alec McGinn, Judge Lindberg, Patrick Tanner, and Isaac Paxman,

The Executive Committee members who were excused are: Heather Thuet, Heather Sneddon, Judge Roth, Keith Call, and Rick Kaplan.

1. Secretary's Report: David Castleberry circulated minutes from the February 8, 2012 meeting. The committee reviewed and approved the minutes. David Castleberry nominated Christian Hansen, who lives and works in Cache Valley, to serve on the executive committee after July 1, 2012, when his service in the Cache Valley Bar Association is completed. A motion was made and passed. The committee hopes to continue to include section members from around the state on the executive committee.

2. Chair Report: Jonathan Hafen explained the JPEC pilot program, and asked members to let him know if they were interested in participating. Jon Hafen explained that he wants to increase section membership and to encourage people to join. He would like to have a membership chair on the committee, and would also like to welcome new members in the Newsletter.

3. Government Relations Committee: Ryan Frazier said that the legislative session is now over, and he is proud to report that "nothing got done." In other words, bills involving litigation were not passed into law.

4. CLE:
a. Quarterly Luncheon: At the last quarterly luncheon, we had a packed house. The presenters spoke about resolving discovery disputes and the new local rule for the Third and Fourth Districts regarding discovery disputes. The presenters also spoke about family law and personal injury disclosures. We hope to have Justice Lee present at the next quarterly luncheon. The committee also discussed the problem of having people turned away from the CLEs even though there is room because of people who register but then do not attend. It was suggested that we have a "stand by" line, and that if a registered participant has not checked in for the CLE by noon, the seat for the registered user may be given to a person in the stand by line. We hope to avoid the situation where we turn people away even though there is available seating.
b. Rise & Shine CLE: At the last Rise & Shine CLE, approximately 35 attorneys attended. The CLE was based on the thought: "What I Wish the Other Side Understood." The CLE was well received, and we may do a CLE on a similar topic in the future. The Second Quarter Rise & Shine CLE will be on issues to keep in mind during trial for an appeal. We will
have two judges on the panel, and we are working on getting other presenters as well. We would like the hold this CLE during the week of May 14, 2012.
c. Judicial Receptions: The judicial receptions for the Third and Fourth Districts were held during the previous month. Both were well attended, and provided extremely valuable information to the bar. We would like to hold these events annually.
d. Spring Convention: The Spring Convention CLE is ready to go for this weekend. Judge Toomey, Judge Westfall, and Michael Leavitt will present on the changes to the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure, and will give insight and perspectives on how changes in the rules of civil procedure are changing practice.
e. Golf & CLE: The following Golf & CLE events have been scheduled: August 10, 2012 for Salt Lake County, August 31, 2012 for Utah County, September 14, 2012 for Cache County, and October 19, 2012 for Washington County. Dan Steele will work on these events with executive committee members who live in the different locations.
f. Trial Seminar: Jon Hafen explained that for scheduling purposes, Connie Howard mentioned that this seminar would be a great part of the Fall Forum CLE. Jon Hafen has met with Frank Carney, and has discussed doing this event with him. Judge Roth also has expressed a willingness to be involved. We will need to work on obtaining enough space for our sessions if this seminar is held during the Fall Forum. In the past, lack of adequate space has been a problem for the Litigation Section.
g. Southern Utah Federal Law Symposium: Jon Hafen reported that the symposium is on track, and he thinks that it will be a great event with the U.S. Supreme Court Clerk there, as well as with other great presenters.

5. Newsletter: The Litigation Section Newsletter was sent out during the previous week. Everyone thought it was a great edition. For the next edition, Judge Lindberg said that she could prepare a short View from the Bench article. The deadline for the next issue will be mid-April so we can get our next issue out in May. The committee also discussed advertising, and how we would price advertisements for the newsletter. It was suggested that the cost should be $250 for a quarter page ad, $500 for a half page ad, and $1,000 for a full page ad.

6. Law Student Relations Committee: Seth Oxborrow is graduating. Brad Masters is currently a 1L, and is willing to serve on the committee for the next two years. Isaac Paxton said that we are in law school awards season again. A motion was passed to provide funding for the law school awards at the same level as last year.

7. Books and Barristers: Elaina Maragakis and Sammi Anderson gave a presentation on the project, and how donations can provide funds for buying books for children regarding law, government, civics, history, and other similar topics. The Utah Bar is fully behind this project. The section approved a donation of $1,000.

Adjourned at 9:05 a.m.
Next Meeting April 11, 2012.

For the Executive Committee