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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for June 13, 2012

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The executive committee members who were present or participating by telephone were:  Jon Hafen, David Castleberry, Judge Toomey, Joe Stulz, Judge Lindberg, Bryan Pattison, Brad Masters, Kent Holmberg, Alec McGinn, Keith Call, Patrick Burt, Patrick Tanner, Heather Thuet, George Burbidge, Ryan Frazier, Shane Gosdis, Michael Stahler, Christian Kesselring, and Rod Andreason. 

The Executive Committee members who were excused were:  Dan Steele, Randall Jeffs, Isaac Paxman, Jenifer Tomchak, Heather Sneddon, Nicole Farrell, and Judge Roth.

1. Secretary's Report: David Castleberry, secretary, presented the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved by the committee.

2. Treasurer's Report: George Burbidge, treasurer, had nothing with which to update the committee.

3. Chair's Report: Jon Hafen, president, invited all present to introduce themselves. The committee then discussed changes in committee leadership. Kent Holmberg will head the new membership committee. Alec McGinn and Rod Andreason expressed interest in serving on the membership committee. The membership committee will focus on growing the numbers of members in the litigation section, and a general discussion was held about ways to grow the section. Shane Gosdis volunteered to head the technology/website committee. Patrick Tanner and Michael Stahler both said that they are willing to help on the technology/website committee. The technology/website committee will focus on looking at avenues for providing content on mobile devices to litigation section members. The newsletter committee needs one more member, and Patrick Burt also said that he is willing to help out on that committee. Christian Kesselring said the he is willing to help out with CLEs.

4. CLE
a. Quarterly Lunches: Keith Call reported on the last quarterly luncheon. Justice Lee spoke about judicial activism. The luncheon was well attended and interesting.
b. Rise & Shine CLEs: Jon Hafen reported on the last Rise & Shine CLE, which focused on how trial attorneys should think about issues for appeal. Jon said that Nicole Farrell was in charge of this CLE and that she did a great job. Jon estimated that 40 to 45 people attended.
c. Golf & CLE: Jon Hafen reported on the CLEs that are set and ready to go. Dan Steele is working on finalizing the details on some of the Golf & CLEs.
d. Annual Meeting: Heather Thuet reported that the panel members and presenters for topics on the new Utah Rules of Civil Procedure are set and ready to go.
e. Fall Forum & Trial Seminar: Patrick Tanner asked whether the section will want a separate hour (out of the five hours the section is filling) to devote to the new Utah Rules of Civil Procedure. In the discussion that followed Patrick's question, most thought the while the section will present a trial seminar, presentations on the new rules should be part of the seminar.

5. Newsletter: The newsletter came out yesterday, and the section would like to make sure that the subject line is accurate and informs the section members that the newsletter is contained in the email. Discussions on advertising will be tabled for the August meeting. Jon Hafen mentioned that he would like the newsletter to become a benefit to section members.

6. Law Student Relations Committee: Patrick Tanner reported that the committee is following up with updating matters on the section website. A couple of students have claimed topics from the topic bank, and the committee is in the process of getting editors from the law school who can edit papers for the paper bank. Jon Hafen asked that Patrick Tanner to follow up with Isaac Paxman about having an event at each of the law schools. Jon thought that as long as the section supplies 20 pizzas for a law school event, we should have a full room.

7. Technology/Website: Kent Holmberg reported that he has updated the website, and is ready to hand it over to Shane Gosdis.

8. Bench Books: David Castleberry is in the process of following up with judges who have not yet provided a bench book. Judge Lee and Judge Jones have responded to letters recently sent out, and they should provide bench books soon. Judge Toomey mentioned the bench books during a judicial conference, and judges know that they need to prepare them. Judge Toomey said that there is an annual conference in September, and it may be a good idea to have a section member at the conference who could talk to the judges about the bench books and provide assistance with completing them. The judicial conference runs from Wednesday, September 12, 2012 to Friday, September 14, 2012, and Judge Toomey thought the best day to attend for purposes of helping judges with bench books would be on September 13, 2012.

9. Election of Officers: Those present voted for the following officers: president elect, treasurer, and secretary. Ryan Frazier, as president elect, will serve as president for the following year. George Burbidge expressed interest in serving as president, and he was voted as president elect by acclamation. David Castleberry and Joe Stulz both expressed interest in serving as treasurer, and David and Joe both made statements in favor of their candidacies. David Castleberry was elected treasurer. Heather Thuet and Nicole Farrell both expressed interest in serving as secretary, and Heather Thuet, in an unconventional but magnanimous move, made a statement for Nicole, who was not able to attend, and then made a statement for herself. Heather was elected secretary. Realizing that Joe Stultz was imminently more qualified than David Castleberry to work on the finances for the litigation section, Ryan Frazer moved that the executive committee adopt a finance committee, which would prepare a budget and also an annual report. Ryan's motion was seconded, and the executive committee voted in favor of creating a finance committee. Joe Stultz graciously agreed to serve on the committee with David Castleberry.

Adjourned at 9:10.
Next meeting is on August 8, 2012.

For the Executive Committee

/s/ David C. Castleberry