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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for January 11, 2012

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Litigation Section Committee Minutes
January 11, 2012
The Executive Committee of the Litigation Section met on Wednesday, January 11, 2012, at 8:00
a.m. at the Utah Law and Justice Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Executive Committee members who were present or participating by telephone were: Bryan
Pattison, Seth Oxborrow, Judge Roth, Isaac Paxman, George Burbidge, Nicole Farrell, Patrick Tanner, Rick Kaplan, Heather Sneddon, Jon Hafen, David Castleberry, Alec McGinn, Kent Holmberg, Heather Thuet, Jen Tomchak, Dan Steele, Keith Call, Sammi Anderson, and Patrick Burt. Ryan Frazier was excused.

1. Minutes: David Castleberry circulated minutes from the December 14, 2011 meeting. The
committee reviewed and approved the minutes as corrected.

2. Treasurer’s Report: The Rise and Shine CLE cost the section approximately $1,000. The
Quarterly Luncheon cost the section about $3,000. The committee still has about $72,000

3. Chair Report:
a. Jon Hafen would like to invite Judge Toomey to be on the committee because of interest
she has expressed in the newsletter and the bench book. The committee supported
inviting Judge Toomey.

4. CLE:
a. Quarterly Luncheon: The committee discussed topics and dates for the quarterly
luncheon for the first quarter. Heather Sneddon will work on finalizing a topic and a
date. For the next quarterly luncheon, Keith Call asked about having Justice Lee speak.
The committee agreed that Justice Lee would be an excellent presenter, and that we
should get this scheduled soon for a date in mid-May.
b. Rise & Shine CLE: The committee discussed topics and dates for the Rise & Shine CLE.
Patrick Burt is working on putting together a CLE on “what I wish the other side knew.”
The goal is to have the CLE for the first half of March.
c. Judicial Receptions:
i. Events for the Second District were discussed, and a motion was made and
passed to support events for the Second District with donations for three
events of $200 for each event, and $100 for an event involving the justice
court. An Evening with the Second District Court is planned for October
ii. The Evening with the Third District Court is scheduled for February 16, 2012.
Patrick Tanner has a panel ready, and will market this event.
iii. The Evening with the Fourth District Court is scheduled for March 8, 2012.
Dayle Jeffs will give a history of the court, and a panel of four judges will
present. Isaac Paxman will market the event.
d. Spring Convention: Michael Leavitt and Judge Westfall will present on the new rules and
their practical implications. It is scheduled for March 15-17, 2012. The time for our
presentation is set for Saturday, and disappointment was expressed (good naturedly)
about losing the prime Friday time slot.
e. Golf & CLE: Dan Steele will work on getting dates for Golf and CLE events for next
f. Annual Meeting: Heather Thuet is working on having judges present, and has a good
panel in the making. The committee discussed paying expenses for the judges, and
Connie Howard has said that the bar will pay for half of the travel cost, and the litigation
section can pay for the other half of the judges' expenses. At the next meeting, we will
discuss nominations for judge of the year, attorney of the year, and mentor of the year.
Heather Thuet said that she could send an email outlining the categories and criteria for
each nomination. We should send this information to the general membership as well
to obtain more input.
g. Trial Seminar: Keith Call, Jon Hafen, Joe Stultz, and Emily Smith will work on this
h. Southern Utah Federal Law Symposium: This is scheduled for May 3 – 5. The Clerk of
the United States Supreme Court will be there to swear in attorneys to the U.S. Supreme
Court. Federal judges from Utah and Nevada will present.

5. Newsletter: The newsletter is scheduled to go out on February 1, 2012. January 17, 2012 is the
deadline for articles. Jon Hafen will put together the president’s message; Kent Holmberg will
put together the judicial profile, and Patrick Burt the practitioner profile. Isaac Paxman will get
the law students to contribute something from the law schools for campus notes. Heather
Sneddon and Rick Kaplan will work on judicial summaries. The possibility of a “tradewinds”
section was discussed about attorneys who move to new jobs, make partner, or start firms.
Generally, the committee supported adding this information.

6. Law Student Relations: Isaac Paxman said that he continues to have topics coming into the
article bank, and we should have articles from students to put on the website in the near future.

7. Website: Kent Holmberg said that we need to have the website updated for events, and also
with recaps of events. The committee also discussed having explanations about the benefits of
memberships placed on the website.

8. Benchbooks: The committee will continue to solicit bench books, and put new information on
the website.

Adjouned at 9:05 a.m.
Next Meeting February 8, 2012.

For the Executive Committee