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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for August 8, 2012

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There was much excitement at August’s meeting. Rather than swelter without air conditioning at the Law & Justice Center, the new chair, Ryan Frazier, graciously hosted the meeting at the impressive new offices of Kirton & McConkie at 60 E. South Temple, Suite 1800. Although the meeting was to begin at 8 am, the elevators would not shuttle the riff-raff committee members to the 18th floor until 8. After a snafu with the conference call system, it was smooth sailing.

The executive committee members who were present or participating by telephone were: Ryan Frazier, George Burbidge, David Castleberry, Heather Thuet, Judge Toomey, Judge Roth, Jon Hafen, Nicole Farrell, Keith Call, Patrick Tanner, Dan Steele, Jenifer Tomchak, Isaac Paxman, Bryan Pattison, Brad Masters, Alec McGinn, Shane Gosdis, and Richard Kaplan.

The Executive Committee members who were excused were: Emily Smith Loeffler, Joseph Stulz, Heather Sneddon, Kent Holmberg, Patrick Burk, Michael Stahler, and Christian Kesselring.

1. Secretary's Report: Heather Thuet, secretary, presented the minutes from the June meeting. The minutes prepared by former secretary David Castleberry were approved by the committee.

2. Treasurer's Report: David Castleberry, treasurer, reported that current statements are unavailable, but that as of May 31st the section had money. He anticipates obtaining historic financial information and presenting a proposed budget at the September meeting.

3. Chair's Report: Ryan Frazier, president, welcomed the committee members and encouraged input and ideas from members. He thanked the outgoing committee leadership, particularly Jon Hafen. Judge Ryan Harris has invited input from the litigation section concerning practitioners’ perception re: case time to disposition in 3rd district/state wide and input to expedite cases. Jon Hafen recommended using Survey Monkey to send to section’s 1800 members and to include questions re: new rules, expedited discovery disputes, and CLE interests. The suggestion was made to encourage participation by entering participants into drawing for free luncheon CLE. Ryan will follow up with J. Harris for further guidance prior to next meeting. Ryan would like to make a point this year to assist the judiciary. J. Toomey will gather insight from the Board of District Court Judge at next meeting for suggestions. At next meeting, Ryan will assign task and set deadlines for the 2012-2013 year.

4. CLE
a. Quarterly Lunches: Jennifer Tomchak is putting together Q3 on Expert Discovery Under the New Rules, date TBD- aim is late September/early October.
b. Rise & Shine CLEs: Keith Call is putting together Q3 on Budgeting Under the New Rules, date TBD- aim is late September/early October.
c. Golf & CLE: Dan Steele has Golf & CLEs scheduled for August 24 for Cache County, September 7 at Hobble Creek.
d. Annual Meeting: Heather Thuet reported that break outs on the new Utah Rules of Civil Procedure were a great success. Those in attendance, as reported by J. Hafen, enjoyed the CLEs and one attendee commented to him that it was the “best CLE ever!” J. Hafen will be litigation section representative for 2013 annual meeting.
e. Fall Forum & Trial Seminar: Patrick Tanner is putting together an abbreviated trial academy on November 9 in the Ballroom.
f. Southern Utah Federal Law Symposium: May 9-11, 2013.

5. Newsletter: Nichole Farrell invited committee to submit content. Also reminded those that are assigned tasks, the importance of meeting deadlines.

6. Law Student Relations Committee: A suggestion was made to joint sponsor pizza parties with the YLD/mentor program at the law schools to encourage membership toward the end of school year. A discussion was held but tabled until next meeting.

7. Technology/Website: Shane Gosdis has full report, but given time constraints, the discussion was tabled until September meeting.

8. Bench Books: David Castleberry will attend judicial conference on September 13, 2012, to assist judges in completing bench books. J. Toomey has been instrumental in encouraging the judiciary to complete and update their bench books.

9. Donations: Section has received request to make donation to And Justice for All. A discussion was held but tabled until section has budget.

There being no further business, George Burbidge made motion to adjourn, seconded by Nichole Farrell.

Adjourned at 9:15 am.
Meeting minutes approved September 12, 2012.

For the Executive Committee
/s/ Heather L. Thuet Secretary