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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for April 10, 2013

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Present: Ryan Frazier, George Burbidge, David Castleberry, Heather Thuet, Hon. Denise P.
Lindberg, Hon. Kate Toomey, Rod Andreason, Keith Call, Shane Gosdis, Jon Hafen, Kent
Holmberg, Michael Stahler, Joe Stultz and Jenifer Tomchak.

By phone: Christian Hansen, Richard Kaplan, Bryan Pattison and Isaac Paxman.
Excused: Hon. Stephen Roth, Patrick Burt, Christian Kesselring and Heather Sneddon.

1. Secretaryís Report: Minutes from the March meeting were presented by Heather Thuet. The
committee unanimously approved the minutes.

2. Treasurerís report: David Castleberry reported that the section is on budget.

3. Newsletter: Richard Kaplan entertained comments from the committee concerning the opinion
section and whether it is timely information. A discussion was held and it was agreed to
continue including updates on current court opinions as it is a valuable attribute of the

4. CLE

a. GAL: Keith Call advises that event will be held Tuesday April 16 at Kirton & McConkie.
Judge Toomey will provide the introduction on the GAL program and Craig M. Bunnell
will provide the nuts and bolts of the program. Keith was approved last week and he
encourages section members to sign up. Ryan Frazier reports that there are 60
registered with the cap at 80 attendees.

b. Quarterly Lunches:

i. 2013 Q2: Patrick Tanner, who had been assigned to Q2 is resigning from
committee. Joe Stulz, who is assigned Q3 is willing to move up to Q2 but
interested in suggestions. J. Toomey proposed an ethics topic and suggested
that the OPC make presentation. A discussion in support of the concept was
held and it was recommended that the lunch be scheduled for the last week of

ii. 2013 Q3: Heather L. Thuet presented to the committee Don Winderís
recommendation of U of U Theater Department professor for potential speaker.
The committee questioned whether the section members would be interested
in attending a presentation from Jerry Gardner. The committee agreed that Q3
in September may be a good time to offer this type of cle and tasked Heather
Thuet with coordinating with Professor Gardner concerning his availability for a
lunch or breakfast cle in September.

iii. 2013 Q4: Kent Holmberg suggests a panel of retired judges be invited to share
their perspective.

c. Rise & Shine

i. 2013 Q2: Michael Stahler: advises that due to a scheduling snafu the event has
to be rescheduled. Crafting Effective Written Discovery Under the New Rules
with panel. Judge Stone and Tristan Smith have confirmed but Michael is still
looking for a plaintiff attorney to join the panel. A few potential speakers were
suggested and he will follow up.

ii. 2013 Q3: Isaac Paxman reports that he has yet to obtain a date but the
presentation will be a Farewell to Judge J. Thomas Greene & to Welcome Judge
Robert J. Shelby.

d. Third District Judicial Reception: A discussion was held and it was agreed that Kent
Holmberg and David Castleberry will put together a reception at the Bar the third week
of August. J. Lindberg and J. Toomey suggest that Judges James Blanch, Elizabeth
Hruby-Mills, Andrew Stone, Ryan Harris, Royal Hansen, Charlene Barlow, Barry
Lawrence and the newly appointed judge be invited.

e. Second District Judicial Reception: Section has previously cosponsored judicial
reception with Davis County Bar in October. Jen Tomchak agreed to coordinate with
Davis County concerning the date.

f. Golf & CLE: Bryan Pattison reported that date is TBD in November. Christian Hansen
stated that Cache County event is scheduled for September 13.

g. Spring Convention: Judge Toomey advised that the convention was well-attended.

h. Southern Utah Federal Law Symposium: May 9-11, 2013. Jon Hafen reports that
section sponsors this annual event and it covers the cost of the postcard. Nine federal
judges are presenting with key note by Judge Tom Griffith from D.C. Circuit and Shaun
Carver presenting ethics along with an evening judicial reception.

i. Trial Academy: May 16 - 17, 2013. Jon Hafen reports that the draft brochure has been
completed and will be distributed next week. 4 judges and 14 presenters have
confirmed. Michael Stahler explains that volunteers are still needed for group leaders
and witnesses. Reception is Thursday evening and executive section members are
encouraged to attend. 15-17 hours of CLE are anticipated. Michael is still working out
the details for cash bar for event. J. Toomey, who is president of Southerland American
Inn of Court, stated that their events typically cost $100 for bar tenderís time and $750

j. Summer Convention: Jon Hafen reports summer convention will be held July 17-20,
2013 and is all set and will be great. Ryan Frazier introduced request from Connie
Howard that the Bar is requesting $500 contribution from section for Presenter
breakout. J. Toomey made motion to approve request which was seconded by J. Hafen
and unanimously approved.

k. Fall Forum (November 14-15, 2013): Jon Hafen summarized that there are 5 ideas for
Fall Forum: Courtroom Technology with J. Nuffer, J. Waddoups and a practitioner. J.
Lindberg suggested John Morris for the practitioner. Speed Depos presented by David
Eckersley; Statistical Evaluation Key Note by Randy Kaiser; Independent Evaluation of
Cases; Mediation Role Play (Tony Piaza).

l. Modest Means (April 11, 2013): Jen Tomchak reports that Kick Off is tomorrow night
and that there are 88 currently signed up and the anticipation is for 100 attendees. The
litigation section panel will have 90 minutes to present and is comprised of George
Burbidge, Keith Call, Isaac Paxman, Rod Andreason and Heather Thuet. Jen reports that
they are still looking for advisory panel participants with at least 7 years of experience to
answer questions from program participants, and particularly those with experience in
family law, bankruptcy and consumer law.

5. Brown Bag with State Court Judges: Jen Tomchak reports that no monetary contribution is
requested from section just access to list of member and sections support.

6. Technology Report: Shane Gosdis informed committee that he has meet with Lincoln Mead and
section is exploring social media outlets. Advised that Bar has launched new website and
inquired whether section should update its website to maintain consistency. Shane will
investigate the costs and report at May meeting concerning findings.

7. Law Student Relations: Isaac Paxman advised that the new U of U student representative is
Gregg Gunn.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12 am.
Meeting minutes approved May 8, 2013.
For the Executive Committee

/s/ Heather L. Thuet