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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes for April 11, 2012

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Litigation Section Committee Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2012

The Executive Committee members who were present or participating by telephone were: Rick Kaplan, Keith Call, George Burbidge, Kent Holmberg, Heather Thuet, Patrick Tanner, Heather Sneddon, Jonathan Hafen, Bryan Pattison, Alec McGinn, and Judge Roth.

The Executive Committee members who were excused were: Patrick Burt, Ryan Frazier, Nicole Farrell, Isaac Paxman, Jen Tomchak, and Judge Toomey.

1. Secretary’s Report: David Castleberry circulated the minutes from the March 2012 meeting. After a motion, the minutes were approved as corrected.

2. Treasurer’s Report: George Burbidge explained that he had questions about the income, expenses, and the bottom line. For example, why is income listed with a negative number? He said that he will follow up regarding this questions and also regarding $1,500 in miscellaneous expenses on this report. With respect to where were we are at this time compared to last year, George said that we are $4,000 ahead in net income.

3. Chair Report: Jonathan Hafen explained that there have been a few individuals who have expressed interest in joining the executive committee, and he suggested that we invite them to come to June meeting, get to know them, and see if there is an opening and opportunity for them to help out.
Jon also said that he wants a membership chair who can work on getting more lawyers to join our section. He thinks that a membership chair and a couple of individuals who are intent on expanding membership could do a lot of good, and would like to follow up with Ryan Frazier, about this idea. If anyone is interested in chairing or being on committee, let Jon know. The committee also discussed some ideas for increasing membership, such as holding a non-membership event, where everyone who signs up become a member, such as a like a CLE program. It was also suggested that we should remind attorneys who have signed up as section members to renew each year. To grow the section, we will need to retain existing members and attract new members, and we should have a written, short plan for both. Jon feels that there is a lot of good we could do with extra money that would come with an expanded membership, such as supporting the local law schools, supporting other bar associations, and supporting good causes that benefit the membership of the litigation section. Kent Holmberg expressed interest in helping with the membership committee, as long as he could hand off the management of the website to another member of the committee. Jon said that he will talk to Ryan about some of these ideas, and will send an email with some of his thoughts.

4. Continuing Legal Education:
a. Quarterly Lunches: We have Justice Lee set for the quarterly luncheon presention on April 23, 2012. He will talk about judicial restraint and activism. Jen Tomchak will work on getting a date set for the next quarterly luncheon.
b. Rise & Shine CLE: Nicole Farrell is working on the next Rise and Shine CLE. It will be on issues relating to an appeal. With the Third Quarter Rise and Shine CLE, Keith Call suggested that we provide a CLE on discovery budgets. This topic would be helpful, especially under the new rules that require discovery budgets in certain circumstances. Many in the insurance industry already have a lot of experience with these budgets. It might be interesting to have a discussion about creating a discovery budget with the client, and the ethical obligations under the new rules with the budget requirements.
c. Spring Convention: Alec McGinn said that the presentations from our section went well. The presentations were on the new rules, and our section's event was well attended. The presenters, Judge Toomey, Judge Westfall, and Michael Leavitt, did a great job. It was noted that the questions are better now that we are gaining experience with the new rules.
d. Annual Meeting: Heather Thuet said that she has set up the presenters, and has almost everything finalized. The presentations will be on the new rules.
e. Trial Seminar and Fall Forum: Patrick Tanner said he will follow up with space concerns for our section's presentations. Our section will have five hours, and Jon Hafen thinks we can do a trial seminar, which would include presentations on the new rules and also on trial preparation.
f. Southern Utah Law Symposium: May 3 -5. Everything is in place for that. May be at 65-70 for the event.

5. Bench Books: Judge Toomey will help with informing the judges about bench books. Our section will send a letter to the judges as soon as the retired judges are removed and the new judges are added to the bench book webpages. This process has taken a very long time to complete because of some position changes with those who work on the websites at the bar.

6. Newsletter: Our next newsletter is coming together. The executive committee also discussed advertising, and hopes that Nicole can give us some ideas about pricing. It was suggested that we charge $1,000 for a full-page ad, but Keith Call and others think that price may be too high. The committee would like advertising revenue to go to good and charitable purposes, such as And Justice for All and Books from Barristers. We have set rates for our website advertising as follows: rectangular premium ad is $650 a year; a banner ad is $550; and a text ad $350. Kent thinks that we
are probably too high because no one is asking to advertise after hearing the prices. We may want to bundle newsletter, and website.

7. Website: We need to update our upcoming events and remove old events in a timely matter. Information should be emailed to Lincoln Mead.

Adjourned at 8:55 a.m.
Next Meeting May 9, 2012.

For the Executive Committee